Online Gambling History And Why You Should Know about It

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So you might think you know how online gambling started? Well here’s a trip down memory lane for you to be well acquainted with how it started.

When did it start?

Online gambling appeared on the Internet in the mid-1990s. Four years after in 1994, Microgaming software was created. This is still a very popular company now as evident by its many online casinos. This company is a chip software that runs on varied machines mostly found in online casinos. There has been a debate as to which was the first casino on the Internet. There’s InterCasino that appeared in 1996 and there’s Microgaming’s Gaming Club in 1995.

poker online

Enter the Internet

The advancement of technology and Internet paved the way to even greater innovation for casinos online. Casino companies have improved their operations and their software. Some have invested in servers and better connections for increased connections in terms of bandwidth. Because of these improvements, the casino industry raked over $834 million way back in 1998.

In 1996, it was Intertops that was the first online sports-book to appear. Today, they are still one of the formidable companies in the area of online gambling. It currently serves over 180 countries.

Online poker was born

Poker online emerged in 1998. This was facilitated by Planet Poker. This was then followed by Paradise Poker a year after. Party Poker and Poker Stars way back in 2001. Today, Planet Poker is still in operation. Yet, they no longer allowed real money in-game.

In 2010, the online gambling industry increased to 12.5% with gross revenues. This totals to almost $29.95 billion. This was apparently not affected by the recession. The online casino grew as well to 13.3% and brings in almost $2.67 billion. Majority of the money came from online revenues generated by sports betting which amounts to $12 billion.

The fastest growing sector in 2010 was the online bingo. It grew to an estimated 28.4% at $2 billion. In spite of poker’s popularity, this was considered a slow gambling sector that generated just $5 million.

Online gambling today

Online gambling definitely comes a long way after its inception. What was once a game that can be done in casinos can now be done online. You can now play with other players anywhere in the world and even computer generated ones. Bots are there to keep you entertained or help you become better at your preferred online casino play. Truly, there is no denying this is getting stronger by the year. And definitely, it will be here to stay.