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Online Gambling History And Why You Should Know about It

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So you might think you know how online gambling started? Well here’s a trip down memory lane for you to be well acquainted with how it started. When did it start? Online gambling appeared on the Internet in the mid-1990s. Four years after in 1994, Microgaming software was created. This is still a very popular company now as evident by its many online casinos. This company is a chip software that runs on varied machines mostly found in online casinos. There has been a debate as to which was the first casino on the Internet. There’s InterCasino that appeared in…

Here’s A Good Bitcoin Gamer Review

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Bitcoin Gamer is an online casino game that houses varied casino favorites. It features a multitude of games ideal for any casino goers from gamers to experts. Aside from that, it uses Bitcoin as its peer-to-peer digital currency. This allows a secure and anonymous connection. It is also digitally signed for verification purposes across the network. It’s got all the games Bitcoin Gamer has three different games section to choose from. It has different card games, slot machines, and classic games. Its Card Games consists of JacksUp, Deuces Wild, Mingus’ Jupiter Poker, Red Dog Poker, Blackjack, and Badugi. JacksUp is…